Update from the Frodsham Neighbourhood Plan

UpdateIn case any of you were wondering what was happening with the Frodsham Neighbourhood Plan - the good news is that it’s still alive and kicking, and we are still here working on it!

During the lockdowns the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group has had a number of ‘zoom’ meetings and lots of email contact in an effort to keep the Plan progressing.

The initial draft Plan was sent to CWaC Planning Team for their feedback, which took more time than usual due to the Covid restraints. CWaC made the decision that the draft plan required further assessments in relation to any impact the Plan may have on the surrounding habitat and environment. These assessments are currently underway.

UpdateOnce the Steering Group receive the recommendations from these assessments, the outcomes will be reflected in the next iteration of the draft Plan. When the draft Plan has been updated there will be a formal Consultation with the community. This is another opportunity for all those who live, work in, or visit Frodsham, to comment on the proposed Plan. All the feedback we receive will inform the final Plan.

Once the Frodsham Neighbourhood Plan is “made” i.e. comes into force, it becomes part of the statutory planning requirements for any type of development in Frodsham.

UpdateRemember that if you would like to receive regular updates about our on-going work, please email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Frodsham Neighbourhood Plan belongs to you. Be part of it!

Original Watercolour by Jackie Sumerfield